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Here are frequently asked questions about cigars and cigar smoking.

Are little cigars or filtered cigars meant to be inhaled?

No, you cannot inhale filtered cigars. No cigars should be inhaled. Even cheap crappy cigars with a filter are not designed to be inhaled while you’re smoking. Of course, many consumers of filtered cigars assume otherwise.


Are cigars like cigarettes?

A cigar is defined as a roll of tobacco wrapped in leaf tobacco or in a substance that contains tobacco. Cigars differ from cigarettes in that cigarettes are a roll of tobacco wrapped in paper or in a substance that does not contain tobacco. The three major types of cigars sold in the United States are large cigars, cigarillos, and little cigars.


If not to be ostentatious, what’s the purpose of smoking a cigar?

It tastes good. The process is relaxing. People in my house don’t complain about the smoke like they would about cigarettes. The nicotine content is high enough to not inhale and still get a decent amount. Nicotine is proven to help the brain deal with stress. Those are my top five. I started smoking cigars as an adult and have enjoyed it a great deal. It’s never been a status thing, it is enjoyable enough on its own. There is a nice community around cigars that is lacking in other smoking methods. It doesn’t mess up my lungs like inhaled smoke does, so most people don’t even know that I smoke.


What are the differences between cigarillos and cigars?

Cigarillos or Small Cigars: Tobacco wrapped in dried tobacco leaf or in any substance containing tobacco. These products are shorter and narrower than large cigars and contain about 3 grams of tobacco. 1 They are available with or without a filter tip.


What is the point of giant cigars?

Complex flavor: Cigars with a larger ring gauge tend to have a more complex and fuller flavor. This is due to the fact that there is more room to blend together different types of tobacco. Cooler burn: Thicker cigars burn slower than thinner cigars causing the burn to feel cooler in the mouth.


What should my hygrometer read for cigars? 

Keeping a proper range of relative humidity is very important for both the taste and structural integrity of your cigars. A safe humidity range for most cigars will be between 65 and 70%, which is higher than the relative humidity often found at room temperatures.


Why do I sometimes not get a good draw on a cigar? 

You might have heard of a plugged cigar, or come across a cigar that won’t draw. If you are struggling to smoke your cigar, and it seems like it is blocked and there is no airflow going through it (and yes, you have cut it first!), here’s what to do.

When a cigar’s draw is too tight, the reason is usually that it is plugged. A plugged cigar means there is a knot, twist, lump, or general issue in the filler of the cigar causing it to be blocked. This usually happens during the rolling process.  Sometimes these can be felt by gently rolling the cigar between the fingers before cutting and lighting it, but often it is not until you start to try and smoke it.

There is nothing worse than sitting down to enjoy one of your favorite (expensive!) cigars, going through the ritual of cutting and lighting, to find out the cigar won’t smoke because it is rolled to tightly. And worse still, it’s the only one your brought with you and don’t want it to go to waste. 


How long do sealed cigars stay fresh for? 

The simple answer: if the box is still sealed, they can stay fresh up to about six weeks. Experienced cigar smokers know that if stored within certain temperature and humidity parameters, sealed or not, premium cigars will keep almost indefinitely.


How and where should I start with cigars?

It is best to start with mild cigars because the strength of a full-bodied cigar can be too much for beginners and may put you off. While you may not want to spend a lot of money on your first cigar, in case you don’t like it, it is always best to pick a premium smoke.


How much money do you spend on cigars? 

Enough so it’s a hobby but not quite enough to where it’s an addiction.

The average cigar smoker has been smoking for nine years, and he normally has about ten cigars a week. Seventy-three percent buy cigars by the box, and they usually spend just over $10.00 per cigar. The average weekly expenditure on cigars is about $60.00, but 35 percent spend more than that.

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